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Frequently Asked Questions From Prospective Youth

Can I have a pet?

Yes, as long as it is a safe pet with updated shots. And remember, your pet, your responsibility!

Can I really have my own tiny home?

Yes you can! You will first move into our house for 30-90 days. As long as both parties are happy with each other, we will support, and in most cases financially support, your decision to purchase your own tiny home.

Can I get a job?


What if I have legal issues?

We will help you to clear up any prior legal issues so you can start looking towards the future.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you take in?

Young adults who have aged out of the foster care system
Teens and young adults who will age out of the foster care system soon
At-risk and homeless teens
Youth who will be released from incarceration

How can I support your cause?

There are many ways to support us and other fosters in your community. Check out our Give Help page for insights into all the ways you can help make a difference in these kids’ lives or review upcoming Events for ways to participate and support us. Our Foster information page also provides additional ways you can support any fostering family.
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