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Forgotten Angels is open and welcoming to youths in foster care who will be aging out, have aged out, are homeless, considered “at-risk”, or have been or will be released soon from a juvenile facility. We work with social workers, case workers, and agencies looking for homes for these youths as well as directly with those in need of assistance.
Our youths are first invited to visit Forgotten Angels prior to making the decision to move in and stay with us. They are encouraged to speak with current residences, ask questions, and genuinely interview us to ensure they want to live here.
Once the decision is made, the youth will reside in our house for 30-90 days and then can choose to purchase their own tiny home to place on our property (with personal and financial support from us!). We encourage our youths to complete high school or receive their GED, attend necessary counseling, and resolve any looming legal issues while we instruct them on how to transition successfully into adulthood. This includes job skills training, creating a resume, applying for a job, opening a bank account, working on building credit, applying for continuing education, setting up financial aid, obtaining a vehicle, and so many more important skills to create a better and stable future.

Contact us to learn more or to discuss placement of a foster youth in need.

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