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Becoming a foster parent can be an exciting and stressful journey (when isn’t parenthood?) but the impact you can make in a child’s life is astoundingly worth it. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, are just curious about the process, or have any questions, feel free to contact Forgotten Angels or you can call 1-83-FosterFL (1-833-678-3735) to speak with a foster community ambassador or visit the Florida Department of Children and Families’ website at
To qualify as a prospective foster parent, there are a few qualifications and prerequisites that must be met.
1. Attend an orientation.
2. Complete foster parent educational resource hours (its free!)
3. Be finger-printed and pass a criminal background check.
4. Take part in a home inspection.
5. Partake in a home study that will review your readiness to begin fostering.
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If fostering isn’t right for your family, there are many ways for you to support fostering families and the children who need help in your community.
Some of the many ways you, your business, or your organization can provide support include donating:
Goods (like clothing, car seats, luggage, toys, toiletries, sports and outdoor equipment, etc.)
Home furnishings (such as beds, linens, desks, highchairs, cribs, etc.)
Haircuts, hair styling, or nail care
Dental care
Family outings (theme parks, museums, zoo membership, dinners at restaurant, etc.)
Monetary donations or gift cards
Lessons for dance, art, and music
Camp or sports registrations
Business services (lawn care, legal aid, HVAC, mechanic, home repair, etc.)
School supplies, birthday/holiday gifts, party supplies
Provide a job position, career training, or skills training
Your time—mentoring or tutoring a child
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