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Forgotten Angels Launches Raffle To Win Ford Ranger And Harley Motorcycle

Osprey Observer

By Kelly Wise Valdes

Forgotten Angels is a nonprofit that provides resources and support to support children that have aged out of foster care and are struggling to achieve housing, education and life skills. Many children that lived in foster care until the age of 18 find themselves with no home, no transportation and little hope for the future. That’s where Forgotten Angels steps in. The organization purchased 12 acres of land in Valrico several years ago, and it currently houses 17 residents in tiny homes built on the property.

“We are proud to say that we are opening new facilities in the near future in Atlanta, Georgia; St. Augustine, Florida; another facility in Valrico,” said David Tyler, executive director. “The hard work that goes into the young men that come to us is paying off in spades. Every single resident of Forgotten Angels is either working full time at great companies like Hoppen Home Entertainment, Smart Surfaces and, very soon, Tampa Bay Fisheries, or attending Hillsborough Community College or taking online college courses. We are also proud to have a graduating JRTC member at Newsome High School making us very proud.”

Forgotten Angels takes these children in and teaches them life skills, including the opportunity to build their own tiny home, open a bank account, build credit, get a job and transportation as well as love, care and guidance from being part of a family. All 17 residents have their own vehicles and sources of income, with some even putting money aside for retirement.

“As a foundation, we are blessed to have one of the best communities in the world as supporters,” said Tyler. “That would be the motorcycle community. Through our motorcycle rallies, motorcycle camp outs, sponsored rides and sponsors like Harley Davidson, we have been able to grow faster than we ever anticipated.”

In order to continue funding and growing, Forgotten Angels is raffling off a brand-new 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor with the full off-road package. This incredible truck will be won on Saturday, March 19. There will also be a second-place raffle winner of a Low Rider S Harley Davidson motorcycle. Raffle tickets are $25 for one ticket, and $100 for five tickets. All the money donated to this raffle goes to benefit the Forgotten Angels children, build more tiny homes and expand the circle of compassion.

To purchase a raffle ticket, visit To find out how you can help, email, call 728-0461 or visit

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